Hama 39748

Hama 39748

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Hama Mini USB 2.0 Y-Cable, 1.00 m

Sometimes the power supplied from a single USB port is not enough for a large or high-powered device such as an external hard drive, leading to a sluggish response and deterioration in efficiency and performance.

Double up with Hama’s Y-Cable

Save yourself money and time with this mini USB Y-cable from Hama designed to supply a single device with power from 2 USB ports simultaneously. Simple to use and compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0, all it requires is for the mini-USB plug to be inserted into any mini-USB compatible device and the 2 USB A-plugs to be inserted into separate USB ports from the same computer. Note that if you find that you do only require power from one USB port or want to free up a port for plugging in another device then the additional USB plug can simply be removed from your computer and the cable will run perfectly well with only the main data and power cable plugged in.

Built-In Protection

The high-quality cable itself is also shielded to ensure that there is no loss or interference in transmission between the terminal device and computer and to guarantee you Hama’s promised outstanding quality and performance. Be prepared to experience fantastic faster speeds and improvements in the operation of your external hard drive or other mini-USB device.

Quality: 1 Star
Connection 1: USB A Plug
Connection 2: USB-mini-B-Plug
Data Transfer Rate: up to 480 Mbit/s
USB Standard: USB 2.0
Length: 1 m
Colour: Black

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