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 Scart adaptors are compact problem solvers and practically indispensible. With a scart adaptor, two terminal devices (e. g. SAT receiver and DVD player) can be connected to a TV with only one Scart connection – annoying removing and inserting plugs is not necessary. Or all analogue audio and video signals can be separately extracted via RCA. When connecting the scart the Input/Output must be S-VHS connected. S-Video is commonly used throughout the world with popularity, it is found on a number of electrical devices such as TVs, DVD players, high-end video cassette recorders, digital TV receivers, DVRs, game consoles and graphics cards, allowing your video adaptor to be used for a multitude of your electrical items. The Hama video adaptor has IN/OUT switchable signal direction for reciprocal transferring in both directions allowing the adaptor to be used for an input or output stereo signal. The IN/OUT changeover switch allows for universal connecting possibilities for S-VHS/AV connections. Let your multimedia connections become easy with the video adaptor from Hama, connecting your devices for optimum enjoyment!Quality:     1 StarConnection:     Scart Colour:     Black
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