Hama 43090

Hama 43090

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Hama Video Connection Cable, 4-pin 3.5 mm jack plug - 3 RCA plugs, 3 m

In need of a high quality video cable?

Most of us own a TV, whether that is a flat screen or something else and a DVD player, camcorder or VCR but what people often do not realise is that to use these devices together and receive a high quality audio and visual picture you need a suitable connecting cable and Hama has just that with the Video Connection Cable, 4-pin 3.5 Jack Plug-3 RCA (phono) Plugs, 3 m.

Get connected with Hama!

This fantastic Video Connection Cable, 4-pin 3.5 Jack Plug-3 RCA (phono) Plugs, 3 m from Hama, is ideal for connecting a camcorder or digital camera with a 4-pin 3.5 Jack Plug to a TV. Simply connect the jack plug to your camcorder or digital camera and the opposite end with three RCA plugs into your TV and you’re ready to go with high quality video and audio! The cable is suitable for Hi-8 camcorders, as JV GR-BV1E, JVC GR-DVX, Sony CCD-SC7, TRV 101E, TRV 900, Canon MV 10 and Metz CD 34 and comes in a length of 3 metres, which which gives you the desired freedom of movement to allow convenient positioning or use of you device.

Full of quality, reliability and much more, this fantastic Video Connecting Cable 4-pin 3.5 Jack Plug-3 RCA (phono) Plugs, 3 m is the connecting cable you need for enjoying the fantastic videos and more you have made in high quality audio and video!

- For transmission of the analogue audio stereo and the analogue video signal, e. g. camcorder to TV
- For digital cameras with 4-pin jack socket

Quality: 1 Star
Connection 1: 3.5 mm Jack Plug
Connection 2: RCA-Plug 3x, Audio Stereo + Video
Gold Plated: No
Model: RCA - Jack
Length: 3,0 m
Colour: Black

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