Hama 80514

Hama 80514

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Hama 80514

This charging/sync cable from our Color Line comes in a bright green colour and is not only the ideal cable for perfect data transfer but also colours your life. Pep up your cable clutter and get this accessory today.

Charging and data cables for smartphones and tablets

These colourful cables are especially for devices with a Micro-USB connection
such as smartphones and tablets so you can connect them to PCs or notebooks with a USB-A connector.
The USB 2.0 cables allow fast data exchange between devices such as your smartphone and your PC:
update your contacts and appointments, transfer music and photos and charge your smartphone at the same time.

Colourful and tough

But the Color Lines not just colourful; its also high-quality.
These brightly coloured cables feature aluminium housing that is not only very elegant, but also extremely durable and long-lasting.
Thanks to the special nylon sheathing, the cables are also very tough. This makes it easier to wind them so you can keep things tidy and save space.

- Direct power supply and battery recharging via a USB charger or the USB socket on a notebook or PC
- A special nylon jacket makes the cable especially durable, it is easy to roll up and can be stored compactly
- Allows data exchange (calendar, phone book, to-do-lists) between a smartphone/mobile phone and a PC/notebook

Technical Details
Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
Colour Green
Productline Color Line

Connectivity (Connection)
Connection USB Micro B Plug/USB-A Plug
USB Standard USB 2.0

Quality Excellence

Size & Weight
Length 1 m

Electrospecific Properties
Type of Shielding Shielded

Field of Application
Usage Mobile Phone

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